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Service Options:


A Shot of JOY - $275

One hour of service for up to 60 guests. Additional hours of service at $75/hour.
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Make it a Double - $425

Two hours of service for up to 125 guests. Additional hours of service at $100/hour.
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A Latte JOY - $550

Two hours of service for up to 225 guests. Additional hours of service at $100/hour.
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The Whole Shop - $975

Eight hours of service providing up to 400 cups. Designed for large weddings and celebrations, conventions, grand openings, and open houses.

Custom Order

For larger parties or special requests please contact us to give us specific details.

*Prices subject to change.


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All service levels include:

  • Professional barista(s), trained in hand crafted coffee.
  • Unlimited drinks from the espresso bar offering: Hot and iced organic espresso drinks, available in regular and decaf.
  • Organic lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, espresso shots, americanos, macchiatos, hot chocolate, chai lattes, steamers and assorted teas.
  • Organic whole, 2% and non-fat milk, half & half, whipped cream (please request any specific milk alternative needs when making your reservation at no additional cost).
  • A wide variety of high quality organic syrups.
  • Cinnamon and Nutmeg.
  • Organic and local honey, raw sugar, and organic non-sugar sweetener.
  • 8 oz. paper cups with lids, straws/stirrers and napkins.
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Joy Java Espresso
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